Update Globetrotter 27-06-2016

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EventSession codeDateLink
Athletics - Marathon - Women's MarathonAM00109:00-12:30Click!
Athletics - Men's and Women's Prelims, FinalAT00109:30-13:10Click!
Athletics - Men's and Women's Prelims, Semi-finals, FinalsAT00520:20-22:30Click!
Athletics - Men's and Women's Prelims, FinalsAT00809:30-12:40Click!
Athletics - Men's and Women's Prelims, Semi-finals, FinalsAT00920:15-22:50Click!
Athletics - Men's and Women's Preliminaries, FinalAT01009:30-13:05Click!
Athletics - Men's and Women's Prelims, FinalsAT01209:30-16:25Click!
Athletics - Men's and Women's Prelims, FinalsAT01420:10-22:45Click!
Athletics - Men's and Women's Prelims, FinalsAT01520:10-23:00Click!
Closing Ceremony - Closing CeremonyZC00119:15-23:00Click!
Equestrian - Dressage - Dressage Team PreliminariesED00110:00-16:00Click!
Equestrian - Dressage - Dressage Team PreliminariesED00210:00-16:00Click!
Equestrian - Dressage - Dressage Team FinalsED00310:00-16:40Click!
Equestrian - Dressage - Dressage Individual FinalsED00410:00-13:50Click!
Equestrian - Jumping - Jumping Individual QualificationES00110:00-13:40Click!
Equestrian - Jumping - Jumping Team QualificationES00210:00-13:00Click!
Equestrian - Jumping - Jumping Team FinalES00310:00-12:45Click!
Equestrian - Jumping - Jumping Individual FinalES00410:00-14:40Click!
Fencing - Men's Team Epee Prelims, Quarter-finals, Semi-finalsFE01709:00-15:30Click!
Golf - Men's Round 3GO00307:30-16:30Click!
Golf - Women's Round 3GO00707:30-16:30Click!
Golf - Women's Final RoundGO00807:30-16:00Click!
Handball - Men's Quarter-finalHB03613:30-15:30Click!
Judo - Men's -90kg and Women's -70kgJU00910:00-13:00Click!
Rowing - Men's and Women's HeatsRO00108:30-13:10Click!
Rowing - Men's and Women's Heats, RepechagesRO00208:30-12:30Click!
Rowing - Men's and Women's Quarter-finals, Semi-finalsRO00408:30-11:50Click!
Synchronised Swimming - Women's Duet Free Routine FinalSY00314:00-15:30Click!
Taekwondo - Men's -80kg and Women's -67kg Repechages, FinalsTK00920:00-23:05Click!
Volleyball - Beach - Men's - Bronze, Gold FinalsBV03422:00-01:30Click!
Volleyball - Men's Preliminary RoundVO01115:00-18:50Click!
Volleyball - Men's Preliminary RoundVO02809:30-13:20Click!