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After the great success of the OS Site Tracker for the London 2012 Olympic Games we are back with a new, better and faster Rio 2016 Ticket Site Tracker!
We made a few improvements from the OS Site Tracker 2012, we added the possibility to choose what session you want to be monitored. You will also just receive emails when these sessions get available! So when you receive an email from us.. be ready and buy your Olympic Tickets!

In case you are not aware yet what the OS Site Tracker does, please read on...

Wondering how to get Olympic Tickets? Don't worry! There are enough official Olympic Tickets in whole Europe.

With about a year to go untill the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, there are still many people who are seeking for tickets. Since the Olympic Games from 2012 we help these sportsfans in their hunt for tickets for the Olympic Games. Because of the popular demand it's very hard to get the best tickets. This website has found a solution for this problem.

By regulation within the EU, European citizens have the right to buy Olympic tickets from all EU member states. Each country has its own reseller and each reseller has its own website. If your interested in these official Olympic tickets it is very hard to monitor all these sites. Because of that www.os developed a system that monitors all these reseller websites. Whenever new tickets are placed on one of these websites, which often happens without announcement, all registered people receive an email within 5 minutes. The email includes the available tickets and a link to the website to purchase these tickets. Sign-up immediately for ticket updates!

During the 2012 Olympics our website has been mentioned by the press. The Telegraph and The Daily Mail referred to our website.


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