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Update Team GB 08-03-2020

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Session codeCategoryEventDateLink
SWA01BBDuet Free Routine Preliminary...3 August 19:30—21:30Click!
SWA01CCDuet Free Routine Preliminary...3 August 19:30—21:30Click!
DIV06BBWomen's 3m Springboard Semifinal...1 August 15:00—16:30Click!
DIV07BBWomen's 3m Springboard Final Women's 3m Springboard Victory Ceremony...2 August 15:00—16:30Click!
DIV11DDWomen's 10m Platform Preliminary...5 August 15:00—17:30Click!
DIV12AAWomen's 10m Platform Semifinal...6 August 10:00—11:30Click!
DIV13BBWomen's 10m Platform Final Women's 10m Platform Victory Ceremony...6 August 15:00—16:30Click!
OWS02AAMen's 10km Men's Victory Ceremony...6 August 07:00—10:00Click!
WPO29CCMen's Quarterfinals (2 matches)...5 August 18:20—21:00Click!
WPO30AAWomen's Semifinal Classification matches (5th-8th places)...6 August 14:00—16:40Click!
WPO32BBMen's Semifinal Classification matches (5th-8th places)...7 August 14:00—16:40Click!
WPO33AAMen's Semifinal Classification matches (5th-8th places)...7 August 18:20—21:00Click!
ARC06AAWomen's Team Quarterfinals Women's Team Semifinals Women's Team Bronze Medal Match Women's Team Gold Medal Match Women's Team Victory Ceremony...26 July 13:45—17:25Click!
ARC08AAMen's Team Quarterfinals Men's Team Semifinals Men's Team Bronze Medal Match Men's Team Gold Medal Match Men's Team Victory Ceremony...27 July 13:45—17:25Click!
ARC09AAMen's Individual 1/32 & 1/16 Eliminations Women's Individual 1/32 & 1/16 Eliminations...28 July 09:30—13:25Click!
BK313BBWomen's Pool Round (2 games) Men's Pool Round (2 games)...28 July 13:30—15:30Click!
BK313CCWomen's Pool Round (2 games) Men's Pool Round (2 games)...28 July 13:30—15:30Click!
BKB40CCMen's Quarterfinal...4 August 21:00—23:00Click!
BKB40DDMen's Quarterfinal...4 August 21:00—23:00Click!
BKB41CCWomen's Quarterfinal...5 August 10:00—12:00Click!
BKB48CCWomen's Semifinal...7 August 20:00—22:00Click!
CRD04AAWomen's Road Race Women's Road Race Victory Ceremony...26 July 13:00—17:35Click!
EQD03CCDressage Team Grand Prix Special Dressage Team Victory Ceremony...28 July 17:30—22:55Click!


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