Terms and conditions OS site trackerTerms and conditions OS site trackerTerms and conditions OS site trackerTerms and conditions OS site tracker

Terms and conditions OS site tracker

1. Your data will be used to send you e-mail about the sale of tickets for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

2. OS site tracker by its auxiliary persons and / or third parties are not liable for any damages, direct and / or indirectly arising from or in any way connected with sending the updates or information displayed on this website.

3. OS site tracker can not in any way be held responsible for improper sending, receiving or processing the upload and e-mails.

4. You can unsubscribe at any time for OS tracker site by contacting us via info@os-site-tracker.com.

5. Forwarding any updates sent from us is prohibited. By forwarding your account could be blocked. You will not receive a refund. Our emails may not be redistributed any way. Not by email, twitter, facebook or other means.

6. OS site tracker will do everything to keep this service up to date. If the service unexpectedly go offline then os-site-tracker can not be held responsible for. Also there will be no refund.

7. It is your own responsibility to check if you are allowed from each countries ATR. As an EU citizen you can buy tickets from most EU ATR'S. But as an US citizen you cannot, so you will need a delivery address in the EU to be able to buy from these ATR'S. We cannot be held responsible for any (incorrect) orders made at the ATR'S.


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