Stay informed of all ticket updates!Stay informed of all ticket updates!Stay informed of all ticket updates!Stay informed of all ticket updates!

Stay informed of all ticket updates!

After the great success of the OS Site Tracker for the London 2012 Olympic Games and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games we are back with a new, better and faster Tokyo 2020/2021 Ticket Site Tracker that now also works for the United States of America, Canada and Australia!
We made a few improvements from the OS Site Tracker 2012, we added the possibility to choose what session you want to be monitored. You will also just receive emails when these sessions get available! So when you receive an email from us.. be ready and buy your Olympic Tickets!

In case you are not aware yet what the OS Site Tracker does, please read on...

Wondering how to get Olympic Tickets from the USA or Australian reseller Cosport, Canadian reseller ATPI or the multi country reseller Kingdom Sports? They often release tickets without any announcement(especially because their system can't handle the large amount of users that are there on an announced sale!), which makes it almost impossible to be on their website on time to buy your wanted tickets. Over the last few weeks they've released hundreds of new Olympic Tickets and this will keep going for the coming months.

This website has found a solution for this problem. We created a system that monitors the Cosport, ATPI and Kingdom Sports website, but also monitors websites of European resellers. So may you have friends in Europe, you can also buy tickets from all countries within the EU! Whenever new tickets are placed on one of these websites, which often happens without announcement, all registered people receive an email within 3 minutes. The email includes the available tickets and a link to the website to purchase these tickets. Sign-up immediately for ticket updates!!

I'm from the US or Australia, how do i benefit from this??

Well that's very simple, there are multiple options!
1. We monitor CoSport USA and CoSport Australia, so any tickets drops there and you will receive an email.
2. In the future we will monitor the resale platform of the official Tokyo2020 website, so any tickets drops there and you will receive an email.
3. We monitor European ATR's, you can profit from this if you have a delivery address in the EU, for example friends or family.




Make sure you are one of the first to be notified and register now!
For questions and / or suggestions, please email to or contact me, Kevin Plasmans on twitter @Kevin_Plsm


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