How to buy Paris 2024 Olympic TicketsHow to buy Paris 2024 Olympic Tickets

How to buy Paris 2024 Olympic Tickets

Following the tremendous success of the OS Site Tracker for the London 2012, Rio 2016, and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (which were regrettably cancelled), we are back with an improved, quicker, and more efficient Paris 2024 Ticket Site Tracker! We've enhanced several features from the 2020 version of the OS Site Tracker, including the option to select the sessions you wish to monitor. You will only receive emails and/or Discord alerts when these specific sessions become available, so be prepared to purchase your Olympic tickets when you hear from us!

If you are unfamiliar with what the OS Site Tracker does, please continue reading...

Thinking about how to secure Olympic Tickets? Don't worry! There will still become plenty of official Olympic Tickets available.

With roughly a year remaining until the Paris Olympic Games, many enthusiasts are still in search of tickets. Since 2012, we have been assisting these sports fans in their quest for Olympic Game tickets. Given the high demand, securing the best tickets can be challenging, but our website offers a solution.

Olympic Tickets can only be purchased via an official website. However, the release schedule for these tickets is unclear. To address this, has devised a system that keeps an eye on the official ticketing website. Whenever new tickets become available online – often without prior announcement – all registered users receive an email and/or Discord alert within 2 minutes. This email contains information about the available tickets and a link to the website for purchasing them. Sign-up immediately for ticket updates!

As the official resale platform is set to launch later this year, we will be extending our monitoring to include this site as well.

During the 2012 Olympics our website has been mentioned by the press. The Telegraph and The Daily Mail referred to our website.




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